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Link Sofware Cheat:
Ini beberapa link software yang menurut gw bermanfaat buat cheat di RF
Public memory searchers/editors:
Memory searching is beginner-friendly.
1. Cheat-engine 5.6 (http://cheatengine.o...eatEngine56.exe)
(A memory searcher/editor with version updates more frequently than T-search. Also, value search is MUCH faster than T-search.
2. Artmoney SE V7.18 (http://www.artmoney....money718eng.exe) :
Another alternative to T-search. Comes with adware/spyware.
4. CheatFinder (http://www.extalia.com me/index.php?down=5&id=4) :
A very old, but somewhat effective memory searcher.
5. Game Trainer (http://www.extalia.com me/index.php?down=5&id=5) :
Not very user-friendly, but quick memory searcher.
6. Magic Trainer Creator (http://www.extalia.com me/index.php?down=5&id=7) : Memory searcher/trainer maker/patcher all-in-one-tool. Created by same team that made T-Search.

Public debuggers/disassemblers:

1. Ollydbg 1.10 (http://www.ollydbg.de/odbg110.zip) :
The ultimate debugger/disassembler. Great search-functions, its own script language, very usefull plugins etc.
2. Plugins for Ollydbg (http://ollydbg.win32.../stuph/#plugins) :
Usefull plugins, tutorials and tools reguarding Ollydbg.
3. IDA Pro v4.8.0.847 (http://plexi.surpass....ed.REPACK.READ .
NFO-SSG.rar) : Interactive DisAssembler. One of the most advanced disassemblers out there, great for finding functions and dumping memory.
4. W32Dasm (http://sweangels.no-...m/files/W32DAsm 8.93.rar) :
Another great disassembler.
5. PEBrowse Professional (http://www.smidgeons...PEBrowseDbg.zip) : Usefull disassembler within a compilation itself (.exe, .dll etc). No no need to run the process to debugg it.
6. PVDASM (http://gregsy.mpcdow....com/pvdasm.zip) :
Gregsy's disasembler of choice.
7. Hackman Disassembler 8.02 (http://sweangels.no-.../hackasm802.zip) : An extremly fast disassembler.

Public trainer makers:
1. Trainer Maker Kit 1.51 (http://www.gameburnw....erKitv1.51.zip) : Great tool if you want to create your own trainer, fully customizable with some cool features for GUI.
2. Game Trainer Studio 1.62 (http://sweangels.no-...iles/GTS162.zip) :
Compared to trainer maker kit, you loose some options and you gain a few others.
3. Magic Trainer Creator (http://www.extalia.com me/index.php?down=5&id=7) : Memory searcher/trainer maker/patcher all-in-one-tool.Created by same team that made T-Search.

Public window minimizers:

1.Minimize Hack Tool 1.2 (http://sweangels.no-...iles/mhtv12.zip) :
Minimize your Alt+tab protected game.
2. Anti Alt-Tab 1.2 (http://sweangels.no-...files/aat12.zip) : Another minimizer tool.

Public hex editors:

1. Hex Workshop 4.23 (http://www.bpsoft.co...ds/hw32v423.exe) :
A popular hex editor, personally, i think it's one of the best out there.
2. DataWorkshop v1.1 (http://www.dataworks....rkshop-1.1.zip) :
A java hex editor for people bound by another OS. Runs on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Linux and MacOS.
3. SaveGame Analyzer 1.0 (http://www.extalia.com me/index.php?down=5&id=12) : A great savegame analyzer, compare savegame files and make game editors.
4. WinHex 12.35 (http://www.winhex.com/winhex.zip) :
Another good hex editor, very "tweakable" and includes tons of options.

Public packet editors:

1. Winsock Packet Editor Pro 0.9A (http://members.at.in...obaso/wpexp.zip) : Packet sniffer with filter. Sniffs Winsocks communication packets v1 and v2.

Public script tools:

1. Sign 0f Misery (http://www.geocities...or/2lz/s0m.html) : A good scripting program that even handles memory editing.
2. ForceShock (http://www.forceshock.net) :
An advanced scriptlanguage made especially for gamehacking.

User submitted tools:
1.Trickster (http://www.mpcforum....ad.php?t=159976) :
Scripting tool for MMO games.
2. Window title changer v1.01 (http://www.mpcforum.....8&d=1152210502) :
Countermesure for games scanning windowtitles.
3. MPC Trainer Template (http://www.mpcforum....ead.php?t=72780) :
Tool for the trainer creator without codeing knowledge.
4. Winject 1.2 (http://www.mpcforum....ead.php?t=75457) :
A simple DLL-injector with cmd-line support.
5. Hooker Heaven v0.2 (http://www.mpcforum....ead.php?t=86761) :
A nice little hacking tool (Injector, Debugger, SEH, ASM browser...)

Credit : antara lain aqtribal, Mbah Google, Forum2 llainnya

lol! lol! UTAMAKAN PERSAHABATAN lol! lol!
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menurut gw klo cheat nya RF skrg susah d tembus....cz keaman nya terlalu ketat..g sama kek game laen gan....

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Iy emng...sapa tau aja ada yg nyoba2,,,

:bounce: :bounce:


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